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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Fornax at the Frick. @ 2:10 PM

This post come from a guest blogger, Jodie Chiang!

There are worse things than spending an hour learning about the18th century London elite and their scandalous lives. Especially when you’re receiving the information via very British men in bow ties. At the (very much free) College Night at the Frick, my friends and I wandered about the museum, taking in the enormous collection of artworks at our leisure. Highlights of the evening included apple juice and teddy grahams, hipster art students, awkward swing dancing to anachronistic 60s music, and of course, the absolutely gorgeous paintings and sculptures. Every 15 minutes, there was a lecture in one of the beautiful rooms of the Frick Manor. In the dining room, one of the aforementioned British men in bow ties pointed out the secretly judgmental looks of the ladies in Gainsborough painting of The Mall in St. James’s Park. In another, we learned about the challenge master artists accepted to interpret the Greek myth of Nessus and Deianira. Every few minutes or so, we’d wander back to fountain at the center of the manor for more graham goodness. Not too shabby for a night out. Oh, and did I mention? We got free posters, too.

photo via// www.wikipaintings.org