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Tuesday, August 23, 2011
packing madness. @ 5:41 PM

(Yes, I did sleep on the floor in my sleeping bag last night because there was too much stuff on my bed.)

A friendly suggestion as y'all are getting ready to move in: PACK LIGHT. I moved into Barnard with two suitcases that had everything I needed including all my clothes, shoes and bedding. Now, as I am entering my final year, I have three large suitcases of clothes, one large suitcase of shoes, two boxes of books, one HUGE box of kitchenware, a bike, a sleeping bag, TONS of artwork and posters, a couple of lamps, and goodness knows what else... Going through college, it's almost impossible not to accumulate things, and packing and unpacking from year to year will get increasingly more difficult and tiring. So spare yourself the madness, at least for your first move, and pack only the bare necessities. If you find out you're missing something, during NSOP week you will have the chance to board a shuttle bus from campus to Bed, Bath and Beyond and back to get that extra something that will make your room perfect.